cbzManager is the fastest cbz, cbr, zip, 7z, rar, pdf comic book converter / Manager.

Download for Windows
Open Source Download for Windows, Linux & Mac OsX

The download contains x86 and x64 folders, respectivly 32bit and 64bit versions.

Extract to the folder of your choice and run the version of the program corresponding to your OS.

cbzManager will convert any cbz,cbr,zip,7z,rar,pdf comic books into a cbz archive using webp image encoding thus reducing the size of archives up to 50%.

Even though this program has been thoroughly tested on a library of over 8000 comics we you should backup your data before you use this program.

We strongly advise you perform a test run on a folder containing a few comics prior to converting your entire collection.

  • Choose a folder containing your comics and conversion will start automatically.

  • Pdf conversion is not enabled by default, you must activate it in the options menu.

  • By default cbzManager uses 2 conversion threads but if you want more performances, set Options/Conversion queues to ‘Big’, beware this will use a lot of processing power.

  • If you set the chosen folder as default folder (menu file/set as default), this folder will be monitored and whenever files are added to this folder, cbzManager will pick them up and automatically start conversion.

  • cbzManager contains powerful editing features : delete, flip, rotate, crop/crop all, border removal, import/export, joining 2 images in one, split double pages, many image enhancing filters and more for managing comics.

  • You can specify an alternate temporary folder, if you have RAM available, create a RAM drive and point cbzManager to it (option menu), it will increase perfomances.

  • Everytime a file is modified or converted the original file is moved to the recycle bin, so if you convert a big library, watch your available disk space.

  • cbzManager will strip all extraneous files (.nfo, thumbs.db, etc…) from the archive and clean the archive filenames (dots, dashes, and other annoying text will be removed), however xml metadata is preserved but it might become irrelevant as the contents of the archive will change. We are working on managing comics metadata.

  • If you encounter a problem, enable logging, re run the comic book that caused the problem. Contact me and I will get back to you so you can email me the comic book along with the log file. Note that when exiting log files are added to a zip file to avoid using too much disk space.

To contact me use the contact page on the site.

I hope this program will fulfill your needs and help you save loads of disk space as it did me.

If you want to help localize this program in your language, send me a message.

versions history

x64, x86 : – 2021/03/22/

  • Prevent renaming .XML files
  • ADDED option to rename original instead of putting into the trash bin

x64, x86 : – 2019/08/23/

  • Augmented performances by adding more conversion queues

x64, x86 : – 2019/05/04/

  • Fixed bug that would caused stamps generation to hang when stamp from an image could not be generated

x64, x86 : – 2019/04/12/

  • Added support for jpeg 2000 images

x64, x86 : – 2019/04/06/

  • bug fixes (error when deleting files in tree list, progress bar sizes)

x64, x86 : – 2019/03/24/

  • Added horizontal stamps view
  • Added crude full screen mode
  • various bug fixes

x64, x86 : – 2018/10/09

  • Added option to keep original file
  • Added keyboard shortcuts

x64, x86 : – 2018/06/05

  • Improved image selection and multi selection
  • Improved export to new book
  • Added option to watch filesystem changes

x64, x86 : – 2018/05/24

  • Improved treeview sort
  • Fixes to the multi selection of images (shift key)

x64, x86 : – 2018/05/22

  • Fixed regression when clicking First/Last

x64, x86 : – 2018/05/22

  • Fixed typos in French localisation
  • Added option to save ‘view conversion report’ state
  • Enhanced selection of images (ctrl key support)

x64, x86 : – 2018/05/16

  • Fixed issue with French localisation

x64, x86 : – 2018/05/15

  • Allow to create folders in the treeview
  • 7zip support
  • various bug fixes

x64, x86 : – 2018/05/11

  • Unified version number

x64 : – x86: – 2018/05/04

  • Make sure clipping region is not outside image boundaries
  • More French localisation
  • Fixed bug in filename cleaning that woukd cause application to freeze when parenthesis were at beginning of the filename

x64 : – x86: – 2018/05/03

  • Check for update is now done after main window is shown to avoid app loading delay
  • Filename cleaning is now configurable

x64 : – x86: – 2018/05/01

  • Files can now be moved to another folder using drag/drop in the treeview
  • When crop tool area is set outside of the image boundaries, black bands are not added to the image anymore

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/29

  • More French localisation
  • Stopped constant resizing of main image and added command to fit image in view

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/29

  • More French localisation
  • Configurable Cwebp parameters
  • Fixed bug where file extension would not be set to cbz
  • Added ‘Clip’ function to remove part of an image

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/27

  • Fixed issue when new files added to working folder were not detected
  • Added option for filenames cleaning
  • New ‘split image’ function to split double pages in half
  • More French localisation

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/25

  • Fixed issue when file is locked while scanning chosen folder
  • Threaded border removal to allow user to do other things in the mean time
  • French localisation
  • Fixed issue where some zip files were wrongly reported as corrupted
  • Detection of availability of new version of the software

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/25

  • Newly converted files will show as bold
  • fixed bug when rar archive had a comment, file would not convert.

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/25

  • Added move to Top/Bottom functions

x64 : – x86: – 2018/04/24

  • Initial release
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